Ruta 5 Km. 157.85 - Chivilcoy 6620 (Buenos Aires) - Argentina
"Our company has powerful units and a maximum age of 10 years"
Also, at our headquarters in Chivilcoy we have equipped with instrumental frontline mechanical plant,
and specialized permanent staff, allowing our private units are constantly in service.

And thanks to a satellite system of extraordinary quality,
we can tell where our units and products at any time.
"The place you want to reach, the market where you want to insert their products,
there will we be transporting their goods quickly and effectively "
Our modern units, equipped with the latest and best technology, ply the routes constantly Mercosur
bringing his company to each market of the continent, placing its products in the home of each of its customers.

Because we got to each market they can get their products.

item Central in Chivilcoy
item Parking lot
item Own workshops
item Spacious offices
item Computer system management and maintenance
item Highly qualified personal
The Company Ruta 5 Kkm. 157.5
Services Chivilcoy (6620)
Fleet Buenos Aires - Argentina
Representatives +54 (2346) 431921
Customers +54 (2346) 433562
Contact +54 9 (2346) 584943